Guidelines: The Future is Worth it


By Simon Ambit

Because it has become an Easter tradition for my family and because it’s good to get a thorough sand blasting annually, we loaded up and spent a few days camping in the desert this past week.

It was a lot of fun to be surrounded by family. We spent time riding four-wheelers, shooting guns, telling stories, cooking on the campfire and more. The young kids had a riot doing most of these things as well, gathering Easter eggs hidden by the grandparents, blasting model rockets and flying kites.

Towering over our camp to the west, there was a large plateau laden with boulders, shale layers and ledges. This became an immediate source of interest for those of us who enjoy a good hike, but with terrain the way it was, it also created a prime location for rattlesnakes. Turning over rocks, we found several previously shed snake skins that gave evidence to the presence of the danger. With this caution, the kids were instructed to traverse the area in groups and to always watch and listen for rattlesnakes. And yes, they were successful in finding one!

On a couple of occasions, several of us went up the incline to the base of the ledges. Carefully picking our way, we ascended the small band of ledges and were able to reach the top of the large plateau and enjoy the wonderful views from the top.

As three young cousins stood on the edge overlooking the expansive terrain that stretched out in front of them for miles, I couldn’t help but think of the potential danger that they had to forge to get to this point. But yet, beyond the snakes, beyond the ledges, beyond the risk and the work, there in front of them lay their future! Some of it so very close and vivid that every detail could be described. Other portions of it seemed to be so very far away that it could be seen only in vague shapes.

This life is rampant with dangers lurking in the bushes and under the rocks. There are times when the climb is steep and rocky and other times where the path seems to disappear and we have to pick our way through the ledges and difficult times. But, like the view from the top, the future, despite the distance away from us, fits together like artwork on a canvas. It seems to call to some part deep inside each of us. “Here I am! I am inspiring, I am worth it. Although it will yet take some work, I belong to you if you just come get me.” Be careful of the risks and arm yourself with knowledge, good friends and family as you go; but the future is yours. Go earn it!

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