Guidelines: To The Man


To the man who taught us not only how to work but to work hard, and to get the job done right the first time. Thank you for teaching us how to fight and how to win, and for tucking us into bed at night.

To the man who carried that dirty old lunchbox and sweat-stained hat to work each day as you made ends meet financially for our family. And who trudged around the field in sloshy mud boots, to irrigate the garden and a crop of fresh alfalfa.

To the man who wore holes in all his leather gloves, splitting wood with brute strength, stamina, and graceful form. Then stacking it and packing it, and getting up throughout the night in order to keep the fire going through the winter in order to keep us warm.

To the man who comes home tired from a hard day’s work, and is met at the back door by a young son in a hero costume. Who without hesitation; wrestles his son across the threshold of the door. Gives his wife a gentle kiss, and then becomes his daughters pony ride around the living room floor.

To the man who always believed in us, and told us it was going to be alright when we fell short, made a mistake, or struck out. Thanks for the sunshine that you brought to our world, when we just couldn’t see the light.

To the man that taught us how to fish, to throw a pitch, and skin a deer. Thanks for teaching us to drive, how to cuss, and how to get our mouth washed out with soap. Thanks for showing us that life is full of ups and downs, and requires overcoming fear.

To the man who showed me how to treat a woman, I never once saw you disrespect my mother. And who taught us to be honest and trustworthy. Thanks for teaching us how to ride a bike, shoot a gun, and change a tire.

To the man who was always teaching because “you won’t always be around.”

I want you to know that the earth loses a hero each time a daddy passes on! Thanks for the “don’t tell mom” adventures, and helping us get the four-wheeler right side up!

To the man who we call Dad, you’re a legend and we love you, we’ll try hard to measure up. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, Thank you for being the man! We’re who we are because of you, and we are proud to carry your family name.

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