Guidelines: Walk the Line


By Simon Ambit

Poised at the top of the starting block, the young adventurer had his eyes set upon the far end of the obstacle. With one foot on the solid sure step of the starting block and the other on the tightrope, he took a deep breathe, spread his arms wide for balance and stepped off the step and onto the strap with both feet. Though stretched tight and supportive, the strap quivered and wriggled, making walking an extremely difficult task. Within just a step or two after leaving the steadiness of the starting platform, with arms spread eagle, the young would-be tightrope walker would repetitively sway off kilter and fall from his desired perch.

After several failed attempts and a few giggles from family and friends, I left my position of observation and walked over to my young son. This time as he stepped his foot onto the tightrope, I took him by the outstretched hand and steadied him as we went along. With his hand in mine and with small and accurately placed steps, he continued along the rope with one foot in front of the other.

Within just moments, my proud little boy had victoriously traversed the challenging obstacle. He leapt from the tightrope and with a high-five to me and victory wave to his mom. Our rowdy little stocking footed spitfire was off to conquer the bounce house and the rope swings.

I love the adventurous spirit of little children and how bright their futures are! I am entertained by their ability to morph. You put a pair of socks on their hands and you get Mohammad Ali, a broom stick between the legs and the lone ranger will gallop out of the living room and a dish towel tied around the forehead will have scurvy pirates looting the wooden spoon swords from the drawers of your kitchen! I admire their never ending curiosity for knowledge, their willingness to accept help and their unwavering ability to forgive, love and trust.

Sometimes, life goes just the way we plan and desire for it to go, but at other times we encounter challenges that we just didn’t expect nor account for. As we attempt to traverse these tightropes of life, at times things are going to shake and wriggle under the load and we may teeter side to side. Though we may fall, like the adventurous child we need to keep trying and help each other succeed. We would do well if we would each give AND accept the steadying hands of support that stand at our side and walk along with us to the far side of the obstacle and beyond.

Life if good. Keep your balance steady and your eyes forward.

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