Gun Involved in Price Property Line Dispute


By R. Chantz Richens

A dispute in Price Tuesday evening involved a gun and property lines according to reports from local authorities.

A homeowner, who had built a wall out of a single layer of cinder blocks and stones on what they believed to be the property line, allegedly came out of his home with a concealed weapon in his waistband to confront a number of children who had been climbing over the wall and knocking down parts of it, according to information from the Price City Police Department.

A dispute then arose between the homeowner and the neighbor. Details on such matters as if the gun had a round racked or solely a magazine as well as if the gun was pointed at anyone are still being solidified at this time.

No arrests were made at the time, and charges were referred to the city attorney for screening to take into account various pieces of information before formal charges will be made.

The Price City Police Department wishes to remind the public that, in the case of a dispute, to call police if needed, rather than rely on deadly force.

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