Guymon Ready to Pilot Lady Dinos


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

After longtime coach Kenji Otani decided to step away from the program, Sydnee Guymon could not wait for the chance to take over the team. “When I heard about the opportunity to coach, I was more than excited to [apply],” said Guymon after it was announced that she would in fact be the new coach of the Dinos.

“I’m super stoked to coach. I could barely handle myself through the preseason because I’m so excited to be in the program.” She continued, “After watching Kenji coach, I have an idea of what I want the program to be. It’s following his footsteps because he did an amazing job as a coach.”

The first hurdle for the new instructor is filling up the roster. “We are looking for more girls,” said Guymon. “We need more girls on our team.” The Lady Dinos may not have the numbers that they would like right now, but they do have quality in an up-and-coming sophomore Savanna Rasmussen. “She can hit the ball really well and has a super impressive short game. She’s hitting the ball like she’s a senior.” Guymon went on, “I looked at her long game, her irons, her short game and she does exceptionally well in all of them. She’s a great little player.”

Carbon would like to have enough players to compete on the team level, but if not, the Lady Dinos want to qualify individually for state. It looks like Rasmussen is well on her way to accomplishing that goal.

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