H.O.P.E Through the Arts Event Coming to Price


Elizabeth Nelson of the Price City Youth Council approached the Price City Council during their meeting on Wednesday evening to speak about an upcoming event titled “H.O.P.E Through the Arts”.

Nelson stated that this event is a collaboration between the youth council and Miss Utah Teen, Kira Gardner, who was crowned in February of this year. Gardner is passionate about promoting arts and providing accessible art opportunities for the community. Nelson said that Gardner focuses on spreading awareness of the benefits of art and expressiveness.

Through H.O.P.E Through the Arts, Gardner is striving to raise awareness of the impact that art can have on mental health and her journey serves as an inspiration to the youth.

Art has been proven to improve critical thinking and empathy while lessening depression, pain and medical intervention. Furthermore, art is known to improve focus and communication, assist with processing emotions and increase self-esteem.

With all of this in mind, Nelson requested the consideration and possible approval of a fee waiver for the use of a conference room for two classes that will be hosted on June 19 for the event. Following brief discussion, this request was approved by the council.

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