Halloween Spooks Visit Huntington City Council Meeting


By Julie Johansen

Three small Halloween spooks spoke to Huntington City Council members at their October meeting on Wednesday evening. They were requesting the opportunity to have a trunk or treat at the rodeo grounds on Halloween evening. Their request was granted by the council.

Zoning administrator Gary Arrington then came to the podium with four applications for new businesses in the city. Mason Livingston desires to turn his home at 167 South 200 East into a short-term rental. Two salons are setting up business in the Sitterud building on the corner of 400 South. Studio 400 will be a full service hair salon ran by Alissa Truman. Bri Marie, owned by BriAnne and Suzanne Bass, will be an esthetician service and boutique. The fourth license was for Damion Gordon for his yard care and snow removal business, White Water LLC. All four were granted business licenses by the council.

A public hearing was opened to adjust the budget for 2020-2021. This was necessary to distribute the CARES Act funding into the areas needed for use. Several areas of the budget were adjusted to include this added revenue.

Some capitol projects were also purchased with CARES act monies. One of these investments was an extraction washer for the fire and EMS department so that their uniforms can be properly cleaned. As there were no public comments, the hearing was closed and the budget revision was adopted.

Members of the council on the audit committee reported that everything is on track and following policy. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of the city’s code book were discussed. Chapters three and four were approved and no changes were recommended. Chapter 5 is lengthy and a motion was made to table the discussion on it until November for further study.

Mayor Leonard Norton announced that Huntington City will have a Christmas party as usual. Elementary school classes will be attending to sing.

Huntington Fire Chief Chase Majors reported that they have had two field trips at the station from second grade classes. They have also had two new firemen turn in applications to join the department. He stated that the state fire restrictions are still in place but could be relinquished in November. Majors continued, stating that he is trying to get wildland fire training for his team.

The city’s maintenance department. announced that they have been working on preparations for winter and cold weather, including cleaning and closing restrooms, sprinklers and making necessary repairs.

Council members then reported on their areas of stewardship. Councilman Jerry Livingston is working with others to find safe routes to school to keep students off Highway 31. He also addressed curb and gutter work that is needed in the city.

Councilwoman Gloria Wilson gave a recreation board report, stating that Shawnie Snow had been hired as a part-time assistant for the county’s recreation department. They are also smoothing the cement at the tennis courts to allow for the new pickleball courts.

Councilman David Emery spoke about the stripping on the streets. He also said that 11 cemetery lots have been sold and there were four new graves this past month. He thanked those who worked with the flowers and the appearance of the city. Emery also reported that he had made a trip through the trailer courts looking for compliance and the court on Fourth North needs work.

Councilwoman Lesa Miller thanked the council for their support of the recent “Wee Bit Wicked” event. She reported that proceeds were donated to the Children’s Justice Center. She also reported that work on the Urban Deer Control Program is continuing.

Councilman Tom Kay recently attended the Cleveland Huntington Irrigation Meeting and reported that water for next year will be tight. He also announced safety guidelines for Halloween.

Arrington has sent out letters to citizens who have unlicensed vehicles on the street and they must be removed by Nov. 1. He also reminded residents of snow removal needs, emphasizing removing vehicles from streets to make room for the plow.

Discussion then continued that an ATV trail is desired from the Buckhorn RV Park. The council commented that Center Street is designated for this purpose, heading to the desert and the mountain, but alternatives will be considered.

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