Harmony Parks Project Propose Durable Instrument Placement in Helper Park


Photo courtesy of FreeNotes Harmony Park

A representative for the Harmony Parks Project visited the Helper City Council during a meeting last week to request permission to place musical instruments on city property through FreeNotes Harmony Park Company. The company is based out of Durango, Colo. and supplies durable instruments made out of sustainable materials that make beautiful, sculptural additions.

One park in Moab has these durable instruments and have been said to make the park exceptional. Handouts and a map were given to the council members that show the three top instrument choices as well as a proposed location, which is the upcoming Boulder Park. That area was chosen due to being visible from roadway and able to draw travelers as well as being a high foot-traffic area.

Basic design elements to the area were also proposed, such as sod to replace the sand and low boulders to be used as seating and for younger children to enjoy. It was then reported that funding for the project is still a work in progress. The Helper Project received a proposal to investigate funding and the boulder park would need to be completed as well as subjected to a safety inspection before funding.

The council was also requested to assist in the funding. As a whole, the council made the decision to approve the project to proceed in regards to funding, as the money is not readily available.

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