Hatch on President Circumventing Senate on National Labor Relatoiins Board


U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) issued the following statement today after the President circumvented the Senate, breaking decades of precedent, by appointing three new members of the National Labor Relations Board:

“Today, the White House doubled down on its assault on the Constitution’s separation of powers – circumventing the people’s representatives in Congress – by not only appointing a new regulatory czar, but also new bureaucrats to the National Labor Relations Board to placate its big labor allies.В  The President put his own political future and the radical views of his far-left base ahead of constitutional government. The PresidentВ will have to answer to the American people for this power grab.”

NOTE:В  On December 19, Hatch spearheaded a letter that was signed by all 46 other Senate Republicans that called on President Obama to not recess appoint nominees to NLRB. To read that letter, click HERE.

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