Hatch Praises Senate Passage Of Three Utah Lands Bills


U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) praised the passage of three Utah lands bills Friday that cleared the Senate Wednesday evening. The Uintah Water Conservancy District contracts (S. 808), the Mantua, Utah conveyance (S. 683), and the Alta, Utah conveyance (S. 684) all involve federal government involvement with the State of Utah. Hatch introduced S. 808 in April to allow for payment between the federal government and the Uintah Water Conservancy District, and cosponsored the other two pieces of legislation.

“This legislation will assist the growing communities in Utah and turn more federal lands over to the communities closest to them,” Hatch said. “The fact that these communities in Utah need to accrue more control over the surrounding lands and utilities belonging to currently controlled by the government is a testament to Utah’s economic growth. I appreciate the Senate passing these needed pieces of legislation.”

  • S. 808: Directs the Secretary of Interior to allow for prepayment of the contractВ between the United States and the Uintah Water Conservancy District. This saves money for the water users in Utah by allowing for the early repayment of municipal and industrial water infrastructure in Eastern Utah.
  • S. 683: Transfers land from the US Forest Service to the town of Mantua. Once the bill passes the House of Representatives and is signed by the President it will make it possible for Mantua to build a new cemetery and fire station.
  • S. 684: Directs the Forest Service to transfer land from the National Forest to the Town of Alta. This conveyance will give the Town ownership of the land that the public service building sits on.
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