Hatch Resolution Commemorating 75th Anniversary Of LDS Church’s Welfare Program Passes The Senate


U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) Wednesday praised the Senate passage of a resolution he authored commemorating the 75th anniversary of the welfare program of the LDS church. The resolution passed the Senate late Tuesday evening.

“The LDS church has a long history of helping their fellow man, and this resolution is in recognition of their efforts over the last 75 years,” Hatch said. “Since 1936, members of the church have donated their time, energy, and resources to benefit people across the nation and throughout the world as part of the program. As a member of the church, I could not be more proud of my fellow churchmembers for their outstanding commitment and efforts over the last 75 years.”

Over 300 LDS Employment Research Service Centers around the world provide people with jobs skills training, resume-writing workshops, interviewing classes, and assistance in finding employment. In addition, Deseret Industries, an LDS Church-run group of thrift stores, provides refugees and the disabled with the employment they need to gain on-the-job experience before moving on to long-term employment.

Another arm of the welfare program, LDS Family Services, provides adoption services, support groups for addiction recovery, and counseling for a variety of emotional, social, and spiritual challenges.

To read Hatch’s resolution, clickВ HERE.

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