Head-on Sends Driver to Hospital


A head-on collision between two small cars, one driven by a 68-year-old female and another by a 48-year-old female, offered local motorists a reminder of the importance of defensive driving and sent one driver to Castleview Hospital.

The vehicles collided at approximately 9:35 a.m. in the turning lane of Highway 10 between the Utah Department of Transportation Building and Market Express on the south side of Price.

According to Utah Highway Patrol Lieutenant David Bennion, the 68-year-old driver of a blue Chevrolet Aveo was turning from the UDOT Building heading north, and pulled into the turning lane attempting to merge into traffic. The 48-year-old driver of a white Pontiac Grand Am was already in the lane, waiting to turn into the Indian Hills Mobile Home Park. The driver of the Aveo struck the Grand Am head-on.

Although Bennion said only minor injuries were reported, emergency medical personnel transported the older driver to the hospital.

Bennion said the accident demonstrates the importance of being aware of what other drivers around you are doing.

“This is a perfect indication of people driving just off of their front end,” Bennion said. “You should be paying attention to what is happening beyond your own vehicle, but so many people just look off of the end of their own bumper at what is in front of them. “

Bennion offered this advice: “When you drive, you are supposed to be driving 12 seconds ahead, just like they teach you in driver’s education.”

Officers from the Price City Police Department responded to the accident along with UHP Troopers and emergency medical personnel. Traffic wasn’t affected significantly by the crash because the accident occurred after Price’s normal 6-9 a.m. heavy traffic.

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