Headstone Cleanup Project Honors World War One Veterans


Press Release

On July 17, 2018, the community of Ferron met at the Ferron cemetery to show respect to their WWI Veterans by helping to locate and clean their markers/headstones.

Suzanne Anderson (Emery County Archives) and Tennille Larsen from Worley-Jensen Monuments demonstrated the process of cleaning the stones. Many of the citizens of Ferron showed up to participate in this endeavor and their efforts were greatly appreciated.

“The youth of our towns are so helpful and respectful,” they shared. “It has been wonderful working with them. The beautiful cemetery of Ferron presents a special challenge. The many beautiful pine trees that the earlier settlers of Ferron took great effort to haul down from the mountains to beautify the cemetery also create a problem with their pine sap on the markers/headstones. With their help we were able to locate and clean in short order. Thank you everyone.”

On July 18, 2018, many wonderful people showed up at the Emery Cemetery to locate the Emery WWI veterans. While looking and locating the WWI Veterans, they were able to gather the information/dates from all the veterans markers to be later sorted out and broke down into the different conflicts thus helping out the great town of Emery. This newest cemetery in Emery sits at the foot of a majestic ridge. It is a very beautiful place.

“In doing research on Emery, I have learned of the four cemeteries there,” Anderson shared. “Three are historic: the Casper cemetery along the Muddy Creek, the Ridge cemetery, now owned by Russel Odle, and the one off of Highway 10 before entering the town of Emery. Special thanks to Gale and Mervin Miles for all of their help.”

These cemeteries were the last two to be completed in this grant. It has been a wonderful experience and a privilege to be involved in this project, Anderson said. “In working with the citizens of our great communities, both youth and adults, I have seen many instances of the selflessness and the willingness to sacrifice their time to show respect to these brave men and women who sacrificed their time and were willing to put their lives on the line for freedom.”

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