Health Care Ballot Initiative Listening Tour Event in Price


Press Release

Common Sense Health Care for Utah (CSHCU) will be continuing its statewide listening tour with a stop at Price City Hall Room #106 (185 East Main Street, Price) at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Dr. Joseph Q. Jarvis, a founder of CSHCU, will be the keynote speaker at the event. “People across our state have been hurt both physically and financially by the way we pay for health care, and we want to hear your story,” Dr. Jarvis said. “When this initiative goes before the voters in 2026, we want it to be a law of the people. There’s no better way to make sure that happens than by listening to people from Eastern Utah on Tuesday morning.”

The public, the press, and local business owners are encouraged to attend the event and provide input on the details of the ballot initiative.

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