Health Care Leaders Meet Congressional Hopeful John Curtis


By Alison Marrelli 

Community health care leaders met with John Curtis at Castleview Hospital on July 18 to voice their questions about the way health care is handled and how potential changes may decrease options or adversely effect our community. Questions included the feasibility of the single payer option, maintaining quality health care for women such as keeping the Affordable Care Act’s improved coverage for prenatal care and delivery, and medical marijuana classification.

Our health care leaders seek to get the best care for our community. Curtis gave information about ways he would like health care service to run while keeping a conservative budget.

Curtis is running for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District as a Republican, a position previously held by Jason Chaffetz. Election is August 15 (no mail-in). A debate will take place on August 2 at USU Eastern in the student center at 5:30 p.m.


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