Health Fair at Bruin Point Elementary Directs Children to the Road of Success


Bruin Point hosted a health fair on Monday evening to promote healthy tips and resources for its students and their families. The evening started with a free dinner before families split into groups to attend lectures about how to achieve overall wellness.

Bruin Point Principal Stacy Basinger headed the event and was excited about what it could teach students and their families. “The health fair was just to teach kids better health so they can be more successful in life,” she explained.

Representatives from the Southeastern Utah Health Department, East Carbon Medical Clinic, Price Pediatric Dental and Bruin Point’s counseling department taught short lessons on ways to improve health. Topics ranging from a healthy diet to managing stress and tips for better sleep to proper dental care were discussed at the fair. Those in attendance were also given pamphlets with useful information and packages that included items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

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