Heavy Rain Cause Closures and Flooding in Emery County


Heavy rains in the mountains above Emery County resulted in flooding across Highway 29, Highway 31 and caused Cottonwood Creek to overflow its bank in many areas.

Highway 29 was closed for a short time due to mud, rock and debris and was re-opened earlier Saturday evening. Highway 31 in Huntington Canyon will remain closed throughout Saturday night.

Due to an influx of water, Cottonwood Creek overflowed its banks, bringing trees and debris into Orangeville and causing concerns for the bridge on Main Street. The heavy water flow under the bridge eroded the bank at the bridge, causing the Emery County Sheriff’s Office to close it for a short time this afternoon as a precaution.

In lower Castle Dale, high waters and heavy debris in Cottonwood Creek clogged up the drainage system, causing Castle Dale City to bring machinery in to clear the debris.

Those affected by the flood can go to the Carbon County Event Center. Food, clothing, blankets, cots, medical supplies and more are being provided by the Red Cross for flood victims. Even those with a place to stay are welcome at the events center for resources. Donations are being accepted.

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