Helper Arts Festival Car Cruise to Support Relay for Life June 27


On June 27, the Helper Arts Festival Car Show and KFC/A&W will host a cruise from KFC/A&W to Relay for Life of Carbon County.

We will meet at KFC/A&W at 5:45 pm and drive to the USU Eastern track as part of the Relay for Life opening ceremony. Residents and businesses are encouraged to enjoy the cars along the route and follow us to the relay.

At the event, citizens will be able to donate to Relay for Life in exchange for a ride around the track in a classic car. We will make only one lap around the track. Cars will then park on the grass near the BDAC for about 45 minutes where everyone can vote for their favorite car with a donation to Relay for Life. Donations will be totaled and anounced during the relay event.

Classic car owners are encouraged to be part of this event.

To reserve your ride or make a donation, call Ruth Metzger at (435) 650-4552.

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