Helper Arts Festival Plays Host to Pioneer Horseshoe Tournament


Second Place – Tab Davis and Spencer Noyes, First Place – Ricky Neil Sandoval & Josh Eden, Third Place – Clinton “Chief” Badback and Bobby Sandoval

The Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival had something for everyone, including an inaugural sporting event, as teams gathered on Saturday to take part in the pioneer horseshoe tournament at the festival.

“Ten teams signed; not bad for the first year,” event organizer Rochelle Badback said.

Ricky Neil Sandoval and Josh Eden came out on top at the tournament followed by Tab Davis and Spencer Noyes. Clinton “Chief” Badback and Bobby Sandoval rounded out the top three. That evening, trophies and medals were awarded to the top three teams.

To learn more about local players and horseshoe happenings, visit Carbon County Horseshoe Crew on Facebook.

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