Helper City Adopts Same Game Plan as Carbon County Concerning Ban on Fireworks


Helper City Councilmen metВ quicklyВ in a special session Wednesday afternoon to pass an ordinance very similar to that of Carbon County’s earlier in the day.

Carbon County Commissioners met in a special session Wednesday to pass an ordinance banning all fireworks county-wide until the end of the year. Helper will follow suit.

Mayor Dean Armstrong was adamant in enforcing the ban and wanted to make sure residents understand the ordinance and adhere to its regulations.

“There is an extreme potential for fire hazards,” he said. “We are taking every precaution to protect public safety.”

Mayor Armstrong also wanted the public to know the penalties associated with the ban.

“If you are caught, you are responsible,” he said. “Full cost of fire suppression could be huge, millions.”

Those found breaking the ban will be cited and will face a class B misdeameanor, punishable by a fine up to $1,000 and or up to six months in jail.

For those a little put off about the ban so close to the holidays during which fireworks are typically used, Mayor Armstrong was concerned about one thing only: safety.

“Public safety far outweighs the traditional observance of the fourth of July,” he said.

Mayor Armstrong, along with the rest of the city councilmen in attendance, encouraged residents to take part in county-sponsoredВ activitiesВ at the Carbon County Fairgrounds which is a controlled environment.

The Helper City Police Department will be responsible for issuing citations. There will be a zero-tolerance policy.

The ordinance will take effectВ immediately.


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