Helper City Approves Application for CDBG Grant to Improve City Sidewalks


A public hearing was hosted during the first Helper City Council meeting of 2021 to consider potential projects for which funding may be applied for under the Community Development Block Grant (CBDG).

In regard to this hearing, Helper Mayor Lenise Peterman informed the council that they had not received any feedback from the public. Mayor Peterman has been working with Councilman Gary Harwood toward a grant for sidewalk improvements around Sally Mauro Elementary, Helper Middle School and downtown.

In addition, they would like to work on more ADA improvements. The mayor remarked that this fits the criteria of a CDBG grant. The improvements stated were the only ones that they have come up with and Mayor Peterman stated that they are open to the other suggestions or ideas if the council has those.

It was then stated that the grant is not due until the end of January and around six different areas have been identified that they wish to look at improving for pedestrian access in general.

Councilwoman Malarie Matsuda asked about the railroad bridge and if that access could be upgraded to better accommodate all. Helper City Recorder Jona Skerl remarked that that is Helper’s responsibility and not the railroad’s. It was stated that that particular subject could be further discussed at a later date.

From there, the public hearing was closed and the approval to move forward with the application was given. Mayor Peterman said she will go forward with the working draft with locations and photos.

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