Helper City Celebrates Lights On Ceremony


Helper City invited the community into the cold on Friday night to celebrate the annual Lights on Ceremony in conjunction with Utah’s Christmas Town.

To begin, everyone gathered in front of the Rio Theatre on Main Street. Attendees then walked up the street, guided by the Sally Mauro Singers with their candle lights. They met again in front of the pavilion at the Main Street park. Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman greeted the crowd with an introduction and thanked those who came huddled in their coats. When the mayor had finished her speech, there was a countdown from ten.

When everyone huddled around the stage shouted the number ten, all the lights in Helper’s Christmas Town were turned on for another year. The applause and cheers filled the air while everyone was told to make their way to the sidewalk along the street. Sirens were heard and it was announced that Santa was making his way down Main Street. He was escorted by the Helper City Police and Fire Department vehicles, along with their bright, flashing lights to add to the festivities of the evening.

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