Helper City Council Approves a Public Comment Period as Standing Agenda Item


At Helper’s September city council meeting, local John Axelsen approached the members with questions regarding why there is never a public comment period on the agenda.

After discussion at the meeting, with councilwoman Donna Archuleta strongly supporting the idea of having a period on the agenda, as well as requesting to speak at the next meeting, the council began work on making it a reality.

However, at the October council meeting, which was hosted on Thursday evening, there was still not a public comment period listed. During the approval of minutes for the previous meeting, councilwoman Archuleta questioned this.

Helper City Recorder Jona Skerl stated that it was because the discussion for the public comment period had not been completed by the council members. Though discussion was had, a decision was not made on exactly how the process would go and whether or not public comment forms would be filled out beforehand.

Councilwoman Malarie Matsuda also agreed that the public comment period should be a standing agenda item to ensure that those in the community would have their voices heard.

It was decided by the council that not only would the previous minutes be adjusted to reflect the terms of the discussion, but that a public comment period would become a standing agenda item. Those that wish to make a comment must arrive before the start of the meeting, fill out a public comment form and turn it in to Skerl.

However, the council stressed that it will not be able to make a motion or take action on what is presented or discussed during a public comment period.

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