Helper City Council approves new chicken ordinance and discusses arts festival


To the excitement of many, chickens have been approved to own in Helper City. Chicken owners must follow the city’s regulations and will be issued a citation for misconduct. If certain citizens cause problems with their chickens, they may have their right to own them revoked.

Once again, Helper City is working hard to make this year’s arts festival a success. The city is planning on having the burnout competition this year. With a recent section of Main Street being turned back over to the city by the state, the competition will now be able to take place on Main Street during the festival. Barricades will block Main Street throughout August 15-17 for various events. Other activities taking place at the festival include food, live musical performances, and art displays. Many of the art displays will come from the students taking various art classes throughout the summer. For more information on attending art classes, call 650-0069 or 801-712-7611.

Also at the meeting, a citizen approached council members requesting a stop sign on Roosevelt and Canyon Street. There have been problems with people speeding in the area where pedestrians and children are frequently present. Council members and Helper Police Chief Trent Anderson agreed that a stop sign is needed and will take the necessary measures to obtain it.

Helper City has experienced problems with citizens living full time in recreational vehicles. Council members decided to limit citizens allowing visitors to use recreational vehicles for a maximum of 14 days each six month period (a total of 28 days per year).

The Helper City Library will be welcoming the bookmobile as a new addition to its facility at the end of this month. The library will be closed to accommodate the move and will have a reopening in early July.

Other matters discussed in the meeting:

Feral cats have become an issue in Helper. Council members will look into controlling the problem.

Air conditioning is a possibility for Sally Mauro Elementary in the future.

Council members scheduled a special meeting to discuss a “drought emergency.”

Water, sewer, and drain projects continue to move forward.

Scout Chandler Gardner wants to place mile markers on walking trails pending approval from the county.

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