Helper City Council Bans Fireworks, Fires Within City Limits


The Helper City Council hosted a special virtual meeting on Tuesday evening regarding the possible ban of both fireworks and fires within the city limits.

Mayor Lenise Peterman opened the floor by stating that both Fire Chief Matt Montoya and Police Chief Chris Gigliotti were in attendance to discuss this matter and that Chief Montoya had asked for the action directly.

With this, Chief Montoya spoke, remarking that he had put some considerable thought into the matter and realized that it was necessary to consider it due to the surrounding wild land fire in Helper and the fact that fire season has just began.

He said that fires are igniting all over the county. Upon speaking with the Utah State Fire Marshal, he received some good insight, such as the fact that the city cannot ban the sale of fireworks but can restrict them under certain circumstances.

Chief Montoya reviewed literature on the possible ban, regarding amendments in addition to the law, reading the specifics on the law to the council to ensure a total understanding of their abilities regarding the ban.

Mayor Peterman thanked Chief Montoya and all of the firefighters that have been out in the smoke and blaze, doing the work. In regard to the ban, she was in support. “This, to me, is just common sense,” stated Mayor Peterman.  She then opened the possible ban to the council for discussion.

The first question came from Councilwoman Malarie Matsuda, who asked if there was going to be a proposed fine attached to the ban. After brief discussion on the reach of the ban and what it may hinder, a decision was made.

The council approved both the ban of fireworks within city limits and the ban of fires, with a $1,000 fine imposed on those that choose to participate in either act.

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