Helper City Council Considers Carriage Rides Down Main Street


The Helper City Council was visited by Dr. Hardy on Thursday evening during November’s council meeting for a special discussion, which was the proposal from Hardy to begin carriage rides downtown. He began by stating he appreciates what the city has been doing for the community and surrounding communities.

Hardy stated that, on a conservative trial basis, he would like to begin rides on his Amish two-seat buggy that would be pulled by a single horse. This buggy would accommodate five to six people.

Hardy informed the council that he would be responsible for the horse and that it has been through parades and similar activities before. He continued by stating that it would be on a voluntary basis with no fair, though he may consider a tip box. Hardy’s intentions would be for the rides to take place in the warmer months of the year, about three months out of the year, on the weekends and possibly other holidays.

Hardy’s idea was to begin far north on Main Street and ride down the street, coming back up First West. He also stated that he would make trial runs with the horse without any passengers to see how it responds.

Hardy’s sole request from the council is for something in writing stating that he is acting as a volunteer and that the liability would belong to the city. The council members stated that, while they do love the idea and believe it would be a great addition to the city, liability is always in question. They agreed that research should be conducted before a decision is made and ultimately tabled the request for a later date.

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