Helper City Council Hosts Public Hearing on Possible Parcel Disconnection


The inaugural 2021 Helper City Council meeting began with a public hearing regarding the possible disconnect of certain parcels from Helper City limits. These parcels are owned by Jason Child of Carbon Emery RV.

Child’s wish is to disconnect the parcels where the new RV lot is being established from Helper City and into Carbon County. He expressed that the biggest reason is the expense of computer operating systems and accountings, which would require two systems, one for each property of his business, if the property stayed within Helper City limits. If the parcel is within Carbon County, only one system would be needed to operate both locations. The hope for Child is to not incur those extra costs.

Carbon County Commissioner Tony Martines was virtually in attendance and stated that, from the county’s point of view, they are doing all possible to assist economic growth within the area and agreed that the disconnect was a good idea to keep Child’s business local.

Commissioner Martines continued by stating that the RV dealership is a great business, and has hired local workers and will continue to do so. He believes that the opportunity will provide great things for the community in general.

From there, Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman read a number of public comments that were submitted, with the majority being in opposition and wanting to keep the business within Helper City. Child addressed many of the issues that had been voiced in the comments, stating that he would be happy to stay on Helper City utilities and has discussed the topic with Councilman Gary Harwood, looking into also tapping into Helper’s sewer.

Child also remarked that in regard to the tax base loss, the proposal stated that Child has agreed to donate all of the Helper city taxes though he would be paying Carbon County taxes. He then stated that there has never been sales tax collected for the city due to the likely need to relocate the business if something such as the disconnect did not take place.

Child touched on meeting an individual in Orem that had a great story of coming to Helper to purchase their RV and eat at the Balance Rock, stating that the dealership does a lot for the community and wants to continue that.

Commissioner Martines stated that he understands the city’s point of view and concern looking at the dollars, but in actuality Child looks at the dollars as well and would make more money closing his current location and opening a facility in Utah County.

Helper City Attorney Dominique Kiahtipes informed the council that the city has 45 days to make its decision and Mayor Peterman asked Child if he had that time to wait. While Child stated that he would like for the issue to be resolved sooner, he would be willing.

Many ideas, questions and concerns were raised throughout the meeting by various council members. Ultimately, the decision made was to review the options and wait for either the February council meeting or host a special meeting to announce the final decision.

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