Helper City Discusses Upcoming Pool Season


During the virtual Helper City Council meeting that was hosted on Thursday evening, a discussion was presented on the Helper City swimming pool, boiler and other updates.

Councilman Gary Harwood spoke on this, stating that the heater was previously approved for purchase. The heater is scheduled to arrive at the end of March, which would give them ample time if it does arrive, but Councilman Harwood stressed the need for a manager and assistant managers. He said that they believe the managers from last year are not returning and also stated that any that are hired must be certified.

There are also some changes in rules for operating a swimming pool, with one of them being that all chemical feed systems must have two layers of protection in order to ensure that the pool does not contain too many chemicals. Councilman Harwood assured that this is something that can be fixed but is going to cost around $1,200 to do so.

Another issue is the pool plaster in the shallow end, which has been repaired a number of times over the years. He explained that there is another repair needed this spring, and suggested they either repair the entire shallow end or do another small patch this year.

Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman made the suggestion that, in the next meeting, Councilman Harwood can report the expenditures for the chemical needs and the plaster in order to present the total cost.

In regard to the heater, brief consideration was presented on whether or not to open the pool if the heater is delayed. Councilwoman Malarie Matsuda did state that, in previous years, a big issue for community members was the purchasing of seasonal passes that weren’t utilized to the full extent. It was decided that the topic of the heater would be tackled only if it does not arrive on time.

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