Helper City Mayor Arrested at First Friday


The First Friday Dragabilly on Helper Main Street had much to offer the community for the month of June. There were many food venders on the blocked strip of Main Street and events lined up for the night. Because it was Dragabilly themed, a cross between drag and rockabilly costumes were encouraged to coincide with a beard contest.

Participants in the beard contest had to pay a $5 entry fee and the proceeds would be split in half for the winner. The winner of this was Shauna Deskins, who made her own beard and was voted winner through the Helper First Fridays Facebook page. Instead of taking half the money pot, she was awarded the entire $30 in the pot.

There was also a bed race just after 7 p.m. This was a race between two beds with someone sitting on the bed while others pushed them along. Art galleries were open to the public along with live music.

There was also a kangaroo jail established at the Helper fire station. This was an exciting situation where people could pay to have someone at the event arrested and subsequently bailed out. It was $10 to arrest someone and they would not be released until $50 was donated or 30 minutes passed. One could have also been thrown in jail because they were not dressed up in drag or a rockabilly costume. These people were released on $20 bail or after 30 minutes.

Money raised was donated to First Friday beer garden funds, due to Mayor Lenise Peterman declaring that a beer garden at First Friday events would not be permitted unless there was $100 available to cover costs. Mayor Peterman was arrested during the evening and attendees could either donate to keep her in jail or donate to bail her out.

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