Helper City Ready to Welcome Rural Educators During July Stay


In October of 2018, Carbon School District Superintendent Lance Hatch announced that Carbon County will play host to the Rural Educator Summer Conference in July of this year.

Recently, Roberta Hardy of Pinnacle Canyon Academy approached Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman to speak about this upcoming event. She asked Mayor Peterman about a possible billboard welcoming the educators. However, they are extremely expensive. To save on cost, Mayor Peterman spoke with Sign Edge, who said that they could construct a welcome banner that would be on the corner of the existing billboard.

The initial cost for this would be $250, afterward the signs are a cost of about $150. Mayor Peterman stated she wished to make the council aware of this possibility after doing the research on it. The welcome banner would not block anything and would simply be a corner wrap welcoming the educators.

The council then briefly discussed the possibility of the county’s tourism department assisting in funding. Mayor Peterman assured them that she would further look into founding and keep them informed, at which point the council approved the banner.

Speaking further on welcoming the educators to the area, the council then discussed approving free Helper City Pool passes for them during their stay. The Desert Wave Pool already planned to welcome the educators with a deal of some sort and the hope was expressed that Helper City would join.

This pass would be a day pass and Mayor Peterman stated for 300 of them, the cost would equal to nearly $900. However, the council discussed the fact that the educators would bring their families, who would then purchase concessions. The passes would be family passes to accommodate the educators and those that visit with them.

The council ultimately approved 400 family day passes to the pool.

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