Helper City Receives Grant for Signage in Mountain View Cemetery


Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman recently released a statement regarding a grant that will benefit the city’s cemetery. She stated that this past spring, Helper City applied for a cemetery grant from the Utah Division of State History.

Mayor Peterman explained that the goal of this division is to strengthen Utah’s economic health, particularly in rural areas. The division aims to improve the quality of life for community residents, making them feel at home and grounded.

She said that state law mandates that the Utah Division of State History collects burial information and places it in a public, searchable database. Upon submitting the aforementioned grant, the mayor met with Amy Barry to coordinate a site visit to the Mountain View Cemetery.

During the site visit, Barry was able to provide training for public works staff on monument care and Helper is now in a position to develop a strategy of care for the older monuments.

Mayor Peterman said that Helper was notified of a grant award in the amount of $1,500 for cemetery improvements specifically geared toward signage. Helper City approved the renaming of the roads in the cemetery to former coal camps and the city is now able to focus on this effort.

The signage, according to the mayor, incorporates the Carbon County branding elements for continuity with the recently-implemented wayfinding signs.

“We are thrilled to be the recipient of these funds. This signage will help orient visitors when looking for family plots and more,” said Mayor Peterman. “We appreciate this opportunity to enhance an already beautiful space for our citizens who have passed and those who wish to pay their respects.”

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