Helper City Revises ATV Ordinance


Thursday night, a tentative outline of a new ATV ordinance was brought to attention.

While not much had changed, opening the access to frontage road was considered. With this new ordinance, ATV’s would be allowed on every road except for Main Street. The argument on whether or not it would be illegal for these vehicles to cross Main Street came up, and is something that will be looked into further.

Mayor Armstrong, however, did not find these new changes fit. The reason a new ATV ordinance was written was because the old trail map was out of date. A new one could not be made until laws were up to date as well. The mayor is concerned about the fact that with this new ordinance, the entire city of Helper with the exception of Main Street would be shown as a trail. His suggestion was to make just one trail that would lead through the city to ATV trails so people can get to and from their designated trails without running through every street in the city.

Another change is the speed limit for these vehicles will rise from 10 miles per hour, to 15. While the state has changed it to 25, Helper City has plans to keep it at 15 MPH. Helmets are now required for any recreational vehicle, while before it was only four wheelers and dirt bikes that had that requirement.

The only changes that will be made after this, is possibly the routes people can take to and from ATV trails through the city.


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