Helper City’s ‘Day of Service’ Promises to Be a Success


More than 400 volunteers are expected to participate in Helper City’s “Day of Service”, planned for Saturday, July 23. Helper Mayor Dean Armstrong was thrilled as he talked about the possibilities at the City Council meeting Thursday.

The buy-in from the community was more than Armstrong had expected. He said that the many volunteers will be working to spruce up the yards of 15 to 20 “shut-ins”, as well as completing a major clean-up of the Helper City Parkway. “This is really cool,” Armstrong said, “because they will hit it fast and hard.”

The Day of Service will begin Saturday morning at 7 a.m. with breakfast, and then volunteers will work through the day to complete the projects.

Armstrong is pleased with the support the city has received, and with the wide range of local organizations that are teaming up to conduct the event. “This is a true community project in the spirit of our [diverse] community,” he said.

Summer McBride and Jed McBride of the Butch Cassidy Gang Car Club attended the meeting and presented the Council with a commemorative plaque recognizing the City’s contributions to the Helper City Outlaw Car Show.

The McBrides related that over 200 cars were shown at this year’s event, representing seven states.The Mayor accepted the plaque and congratulated the group on the success of the event over its 25 years.В  “It looked like a great event,” said. “I think big is the word for it. It’s not just a Helper Tradition. I think it’s become like a pilgrimage for some people.”

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Armstrong recognized the contributions that Arv Nielson, who passed away Thursday morning, had made in the community. Armstrong revealed that Nielson had recently made a donation of $1500 to the Helper City Library.

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