Helper Considers River Restoration Project


Helper City Councilmen listened Thursday to a proposal aimed at transforming a section of the Price River and river path into an entertainment and amusement area for white water kayaking.

Jason Carey stood before the council to make his case.

“You’ve got 40,000 people that drive through Helper, and I think about 10-percent have some type of boat attached to their cars,” Carey said.  “The river would become more of a front door instead of a back door. With these projects, it’s easy to start a coalition; it’s easy to get people to come together and say ‘there’s something that can be done there.’”

“The question is: what do we want Helper to be in five or 10 year?” Helper City Mayor Dean Armstrong said. “Do we want it to be a destination city?”

Armstrong said he was confident the City could obtain State funding to complete such a project.

Councilmen wanted to further investigate the river restoration process and possible impact it might have. Councilmen said they would likely make a final decision regarding the project at the next Council meeting.

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