Helper Junior High Students Struggle to Get to School


Recent construction near Helper Junior High has students struggling to get to school. Roadways surrounding the junior high have been torn up as crews replace water lines, a repair that is long overdue in Helper.

According to Helper City Mayor Ed Chavez, the repairs were initially set to be done before the beginning of the school year. However, construction crews ran into several problems which set the completion date back. “Crews should be done in that area within a couple of weeks,” explained Chavez. “The streets will not be paved right away, but we expect that to be completed by the end of September.”

Helper Junior High Principal Mika Salas has been keeping a close eye on the situation as well. “Parents are aware of the situation,” Salas assured. “Right now, you can’t simply drive right up to the school.”

Carbon County School District and Helper City have been working together to provide the safest and most efficient methods of transportation to the junior high. “Children’s safety is of highest importance to the district as well as the city,” the Helper mayor explained. “We have police officers as well as teachers watching the area every time students are commuting to and from school.”

“My biggest concern is the safety of our students,” Salas explained. For that reason, school, city and law enforcement agencies ask that Helper Junior High students and parents follow the recommendations made at the beginning of the school year on how to access the facility.

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