Helper Library Reads Between the Lines to Keep State Certification


After years of aggravation the Helper City Library may have finally found a solution to their technology woes by teaming up with the Carbon County Book Mobile.

For the first time, in 2008 the Helper City Library received full State Certification status from the Utah State Library. Along with this certification came the guidance and support from the State Library including some financial support through grants.

The State Library granted certification with the understanding that the Helper Library would have their collection available online for patrons to view from home. This was a qualification to keep certification, and those at the Helper Library agreed to make an online catalog available to the public. Little did the staff know, the Library server was connected to private servers within the city and connecting an online catalog may have compromised security. After four years, Helper City Library Director Leila Andrews, was forced to find another avenue or lose State Certification.

During this time, the Wellington City Library and Carbon County Bookmobile had been looking for a more noticeable location that may give them room to grow. For some time the Wellington City Library has been located in the back of Wellington City Hall, and struggling to gain patron attention.

With the help of Utah State Library Consultant Matt McClain, both problems may have been solved through a co-location at the Helper City Library.

“We are all very excited about this move”, said Helper Library Board Member Michelle Goldsmith.

The move will allow the Helper City Library to include their collection with the Carbon County Book Mobile’s online collection, and give the Book Mobile a more viable location on Helper Main Street. The connection will add 15,000 more books to the Helper City Library’s collection, two more patron computers, and help save the facility $5,700 in certification costs annually.

“I don’t see anything negative about it,” said Mayor Dean Armstrong.

Goldsmith pointed out that there will be a few parking spaces lost behind the Helper City Auditorium where the Bookmobile will park, and with more shelving brought into the Library, the board will confirm the rearranged space will be ADA compliant.

The Helper City Council was unable to approve the action on Thursday night due to the lack of a present quorum, but the mood of the council was favorable.

“I think it will benefit our community tremendously,” said Helper Library Director, Leila Andrews. “Plus we will have our online catalog available so we can keep our certification.”

The action will be brought before the Helper City Council once again on Thursday, March 7.


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