Helper Man Receives UDOT Career Achievement Award


The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) recently selected Helper resident Dave Babcock as the recipient of the department’s 2011 Career Achievement Award.

The award is presented annually to one recipient from the entire department who has made significant contributions to UDOT and to his peers, has 25 or more years of service with UDOT, performs at a consistently high level of achievement, is an example to others, advances UDOT through innovation in processes and procedures, recognizes when change is needed and successfully implements those changes, and is dedicated to personal professional growth as well as the growth and development of fellow employees and work associates.

UDOT Executive Director, John Njord, and Deputy Director, Carlos Braceras, presented the award to Babcock during the UDOT Annual Conference held recently in Sandy, Utah.

Babcock began working for UDOT 36 years ago at age 19 as a highway operations specialist in Colton, advanced to Station Supervisor and then Area Supervisor. Due to his broad experience in road maintenance he has contributed to the design of many area roads, wildlife deterrence measures, and other transportation efficiencies. He also played an integral part in the theme and design of the new Tucker Rest Area.

Babcock is currently the UDOT Region 4 Fleet Manager and was also named Region 4 Leader of the Year in 2002.

Babcock graduated from Carbon High School and attended the College of Eastern Utah. He is married to Gaye Babcock, also a former UDOT employee.

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