Helper Middle School Bids Farewell to Veteran Secretary


At Helper Middle School, Joyce L. Branson has warmed up the front office with her sunny personality for the past 20 years.

Principal Mika Salas stated that if Branson knows a former student, she is sure to make them feel like they are still at home when they walk in the doors. Once a Ram, always a Ram. However, the school will have to bid her farewell in March when she retires.

Principal Salas spoke very highly of Branson, having only positive things to say about her.

“First of all, she’s incredibly friendly,” Salas stated. “When you walk in the school, she welcomes everyone with a smile.”

Branson’s job delves deeper than that, as well. Behind the scenes, she does a lot to make the students’ experience at school a positive one. She has been known, on many occasions, to pull a student aside and encourage them in any way needed. Branson also goes beyond her duties, treating the students and staff. For example, when it is a staff member’s birthday, they can always find a cake and card in their box from her.

Professionally, Branson is a huge asset. Salas stated that their budget is always balanced to the penny and that their auditors commend Branson for such precise work.

“I’ll find somebody to take her place, but I can’t replace her,” Salas stated.

When prompted to choose her favorite part of working at the school, it didn’t take long for Branson to decide.

“It’s new everyday; there’s no boredom with as many students that you interact with,” Branson stated.

As for her retirement plans, Branson will be packing up her belongings and making the move to Mesquite, Nev., where she and her husband already have a home purchased.

“It’s been a wonderful ride, a wonderful job” Branson stated.


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