Helper Resident Speaks Out About Assault


In a press release from Helper Police Chief Trent Anderson, officers responded to the area of Canyon and Duchesne Street on a reported sexual assault. The Sept. 23 incident involved a male subject who appeared to be a construction worker. He knocked on the alleged victim’s door and when the resident allowed the worker into her home, he pulled a knife and sexually assaulted her.

The alleged victim Collette Jensen described the subject to police as a Hispanic male, 5’5 to 5’7 in height, “chunky,” and between 30-40 years in age. The man has brown eyes and black hair. Jensen reported that the suspect was wearing a green colored construction vest and white hard hat.

“It’s not unusual to see construction workers in the area,” explained Jensen. “With all the road projects going on here, I didn’t think anything was unusual.” In hindsight, Jensen wishes she had reacted differently.

Because of the ordeal Jensen endured, she offers advice to local residents and all women. “Be aware of your surroundings,” she warned. “Don’t let anyone in your home if you are alone. Keep doors locked at all times.”

Jensen has contacted the construction company in charge of the Helper project. “They are aware of what happened and are watching their workers closely,” she explained. “I don’t blame all construction workers. It was the action of one individual and it is not the company’s fault.”

Although the assault occurred only days ago, Jensen is speaking out in an attempt prevent a similar crime from happening and she released the following statement:

“I was raped in my home on Monday afternoon by a man who appeared to be a construction worker, which makes sense since we have construction work going on here. Please ladies, do not let anyone in your home. If they need in your home, tell them to wait until your husband gets home. More importantly, keep your doors locked and always be aware of your surroundings. If there are other rape victims out there, please get some help. If you don’t it will eat you alive. I do know how hard it is to ask for help, I also know from a past experience it’s harder if you don’t. If this helps one woman, then it was worth it. God only gives us what we can handle.”

Helper police have advised residents to be aware that there are several construction projects and workers in the area who are doing legitimate work. However, if residents see anything suspicious or out of place, please contact the police department immediately.

Also, anyone who has experienced a similar occurrence or has information regarding this incident, please contact the Helper City Police Department at (435) 472-3719.

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