Helper’s Christmas Town Lights to Receive Upgrade


Utah's Christmas Town ETV News Stock Photo

In keeping the spirit of Utah’s Christmas Town fresh and lively, Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman recently announced that the Christmas lights that run throughout Helper’s historic Main Street will be updated in the near future.

Mayor Peterman stated that updating the lights has been an objective for many years. The 25th Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival was successful in putting forth a donation of $10,000 to begin the replacement of the lights. Mayor Peterman remarked that the kind act was in support of the strategic partnership that the festival and city have had for the past 25 years.

The donation of $10,000 was then doubled through a grant opportunity that was presented by Union Pacific. Christmas Town Directors Mark Montoya and Brenda Deeter, alongside the mayor, have conducted meetings with Modern Design and secured estimates to have the lights installed.

The hopes of installing the older lights along the Helper River Walkway have also been discussed.

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