Heritage Days Rodeo Queens Chosen


By Julie Johansen

At a contest on Monday, June 10 the Heritage Days Rodeo Royalty was chosen. Fifteen girls divided into three categories by age competed in modeling, horsemanship and interviews. The older girls, 13 to 18 years old, competed for Queen. Chosen as Queen was Grace Kelly, 16-year-old daughter of Ryan and Tabatha Kelly of Elmo. Her first attendant was Maddie Whimpey, 16-year-old daughter of Wesley and Jessica Whimpey of Huntington. Second attendant was Whitley Hopes, 11-year-old daughter of Ashton Cheshire and Luke Hopes.

The next younger group, seven to 12 years of age, were chosen as Princesses for the rodeo. Chazlyn Hinkins, nine-year-old daughter of Chase and Shawnalee Hinkins, was chosen as first. The first attendant was Everlin Manning, seven-year-old daughter of Sarah and Jefferson Manning of Castle Dale. Mercadeez Allred, nine-year-old of Cleveland was second attendant and she is the daughter of Colton and Marquette Allred.

Four PeeWees, four to six years old, will also rein at the rodeo. Joey Ray Birch, daughter of James and Kaitlyn Birch of Miller Creek, Annalise Hansen, daughter of Chans and Savahna Hansen of Huntington, Laramie Cheshire, daughter of Michael and Ashton Cheshire of Castle Dale, and  Olivia Peterson, daughter of Jake and Mandy Peterson of Price.

Best Dressed awards were presented by Rare Renegade Boutique and Most Improved from Hair by Maysa. Those receiving these awards were Gueen-Grace Kelly, Princess-McCall McElprang, and PeeWee-Olivia Peterson. The Most improved Award went to Iris Manning.

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