Hernandez, Pirates Put Exclamation Mark on the Week


ETV News Stock Photo by Jamie Swank

The Pirates had a tough test on Thursday in Monticello. Green River jumped out to a 19-10 lead, but struggled to maintain it. The pesky Buckaroos kept closing the gap inch by inch. Finally, in the fourth quarter, Monticello took over and went on to win 53-48.

Green River did not hang their heads, however. The Pirates shipped home and prepared for their Saturday matchup with Monument Valley. Once more, Green River took control early with a nine-point lead (23-14). The Cougars continued to battle hard, but the Pirates were not to be denied. Green River scored 44 points in the final half to send Monument Valley packing, 79-69.

Luis Hernandez had an incredible game, scoring a game-high 30 points. He was aided by Hoyt Hunt with 16 points, Bridjer Meadows with 11, Joe Vollmer with nine and Ryker Meadows with eight.

This week, Green River (9-11, 2-4) will travel to play Grand (5-17) on Tuesday before returning home to face Whitehorse (8-9, 2-2) on Saturday.

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