High Stacked Competition at Castle Dale Elementary


By Kristi Maxwell

Castle Dale Elementary participated in a speed stacking competition on Thursday.

Speed stacking is considered a sport of fitness, agility, concentration and quickness. Castle Dale Elementary began its speed Stacking competition in 2005 after second grade teacher Marty Prettyman attended an educational workshop where he was introduced to the sport.

Prettyman approached Principal Ralph Worthen to inquire if they could purchase a speed stacking set and add the sport into the P.E. curriculum. The school purchased the first set and the second set was purchased with classroom money.

The top four stackers in each grade level participated in the competition. The competition winners were as follows:  First place – Kailey Jackson, 6th grade
Second place – Rebekah Barnett, 3rd grade
Third place – Tylee Norton, 4
th grade

The winners made their grand entrance at the event through a huge stack of cups.

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