Hinkins Secures Money for Carbon and Emery Counties


Orangeville City received $200,000 from the Utah State Transportation Bureau for the purpose of building showers and restrooms at its Welcome Park to accommodate large numbers of boulderers who frequent Straight Canyon.

Council member Carol Stilson requested help from Senator David Hinkins to find funding for this project. Senator Hinkins was able to find and appropriate the proper funding during the legislative session that concluded last week.

The area will be designated as a Highway 29 rest area. The showers and restrooms will be coin-operated and will be maintained by Orangeville City. The rest area will be convenient for boulderers and other recreationalists traveling to and from Joe’s Valley. This will also eliminate having to use the showers at the swimming pool in Castle Dale.

Senator Hinkins was instrumental in obtaining funding for other projects in Carbon and Emery counties. He secured $500,000 for a holding reservoir on the White River/Price River drainage, known as Garley Wash, in Carbon County. Also, $300,000 was appropriated to help repair the diversion dam in Green River and $300,000 to upgrade the silt removal barge at Millsite Reservoir. A larger barge is needed to pump the silt dredged from the in-flowing river and reservoir to a holding pad located at the northeast of the dam.





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