Historical Society Meeting Recounts Atomic Bomb Run


Thursday’s Emery County Historical Society meeting featured guest speaker Steven Marquardt, who spoke about his father’s involvement in the bombing run on Hiroshima, Japan during World War II.

George Marquardt, one-time owner of a ranch in Emery County, was the commander of the Necessary Evil – the plane that accompanied the Enola Gay when it dropped the atomic bomb.

Steven Marquardt related facts and stories his father often told. Steven Marquardt said there were 15 special versions of the B-29 Bomber that made of the “Silver Plate” Squadron. Silver Plate was the codename given to the special bombing unit.

Steven Marquardt also displayed a pair of special goggles the pilots wore to shield their eyes from the intense light of the atomic blasts.

Steven Marquardt said his father – who passed away in 2003 – was humble, courageous and never regretted his role in helping bring an end to the war.

The next Historical Society meeting will be on Dec. 1. Attendees should bring a small white elephant gift.

A recording of the meeting will be broadcast on ETV Channel 10.

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