Hometown Critic: Scary Movie 5


The latest installment of the SCARY MOVIE franchise includes send ups of “Paranormal Acitivey”, “Mama”, “Sinister”, “The Evil Dead”, ‘Inception”, and “Black Swan”. Find out what localВ residentsВ from Carbon and Emery County are saying about it.

Not very interesting, had a few funny spots but kept dragging on with the same old jokes. I give this not so “Scary Movie” one star.

-Matt Konakis


Scary movie 5 was just like all other parody films, but this one was just not as funny.

Two out of five stars

-Evan Boone


Not very funny and very predictable if you have seen all the other scary movies then you know what to expect. They are all the same. I give this film two out of five stars.

-Bro Joe


Went in hoping they would mix it up and make this one better. I was disappointed. They recycled all the old physical comedy everyone has seen a million times, and I actually like parody movies. This film was poorly made and just not funny. Two out of five stars.

-Mekette H.


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