Hometown Critic: Star Trek Into Darkness


Check out what the “LOCALS” are saying about Star Trek: Into Darkness, now playing at the King Koal Theatre.


I heard from multiple people and movie critics that Star Trek, Into Darkness was non-stop action. Boy did they get it right. The 3D at the King Koal was phenomenal. Those wanting to see a film with great graphics and cinematography, as well as excellent acting, Star Trek is THE movie. I give it 5 Stars.

-Michael I.


I really enjoyed the character interaction and the unexpected plot twists. Excited for the sequel. The 3D made me jump a number of times! Great film. 4.5 Stars.

-Caitlin E.



I’m not really into scyfy but I really liked this movie. There wasn’t a single part that I was bored during. I give it four stars.



This movie was interesting and action packed. I enjoyed the storyline even though I am not a Star Trek fan. The movie started to drag on at the end, though. I give this movie 3 stars.

-Travis Draper



This movie is brilliant whether you are a seasoned Trekkie or a first time viewer!!! I loved it!! FIVE STARS!!

– Sydney


I have never watched any of the Star Trek movies before. However, I was definitely interested in this one. Towards the end, though, I was just ready for it to be over. It seemed to drag on unnecessarily at times. I give this movie 3 stars.

-Scottie Kraync



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