Honoring a Past Councilmember at Orangeville City


By Julie Johansen

Carol Stilson was honored for her years of service to Orangeville City as a council member at the city’s council meeting on Thursday, Jan. 11. Carol, who served for 12 years, was commended for her service. Her replacement, Doug Stilson, was appointed to his council seat at a meeting held earlier this month.

The first item of business on Thursday was the approval of a conflict of interest resolution. The resolution gave each council member an opportunity to declare if they have a conflict of interest as required by state law.

Next, Mayor David Robertson called for a motion to ratify the purchase of tires for the city backhoe and the lease of two maintenance trucks. Also included in  the ratification vote was a load of road salt from Redmond that had been needed previously. These purchases were ratified, but after discussion on the cameras and locks on the pickleball courts, this item was tabled for further study. Locks and cameras on the fire station were also tabled until next month.

Rental of city property near Bill and Karessa Anderson’s residence was denied because of complaints from adjacent property owners. The addition of electric speed signs coming into Orangeville on the north end was also denied for further study. There are hopes of reconsidering this action at a future date.

A request for lights on the cones used by the crossing guard at the school was approved. Following this approval, Mike Jewkes volunteered to pay for the lights to be put on the two cones used on Main Street.

Terry Bennett, a member of MECCA Bike Club, asked for a donation for the upcoming bike festival to be held later this spring. A donation of $100 was approved for the MECCA Bike Club.

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