House of Representatives Honors First Responders


During the 6th Special Session of the Utah Legislature last week, the House of Representatives signed a citation honoring first responders.

“I presented a House Citation honoring all first responders in the state for their service and contributions to our communities and their exemplary work in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Utah,” said Representative Carl Albrecht, District 70.

The citation states that Utah’s first responders exhibit bravery, reliability and moral fiber in fulfilling their duties. Further, the state’s first responders were credited for their dedication in undergoing specialized training as they are first in line to assist during emergencies and natural disasters.

A copy of the citation as it was presented to the House of Representatives can be found below.

Utah House of Representatives Citation Honoring Utah’s First Responders

WHEREAS; The State of Utah and its citizens benefit everyday from the good work of Highway Patrol, Sheriffs Departments, Police Departments, Dispatchers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Fire Departments, Search and Rescue, frontline workers, and other good men and women who work as first responders; and

WHEREAS; Utah’s first responders have specialized training to be the first line of help in emergencies, natural disasters, and other catastrophic situations; and

WHEREAS; first responders put their lives at risk and go into harm’s way to protect others’ lives while making split-second decisions; and

WHEREAS; first responders across Utah exhibit bravery, reliability, and moral fiber in fulfilling their duties;

WHEREAS; during 2020 first responders have exhibited the aforementioned qualities during a tumultuous period in our state’s history;

NOW, THEREFORE, The undersigned members of the Utah House of Representatives recognize the many first responders across the state for their contributions to our communities and their exemplary work in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Utah and deserve the appreciation and respect of the people of this state, for the merit, dignity, bravery, and reliability they exhibit each and every day.

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