Housing Project Discussed at Green River City Council Meeting


During Tuesday’s Green River City Council meeting, the topic of the city’s housing project was discussed. The city is putting together a RFP (request for proposal) for the housing project. The purpose of the proposal is to get developers or non-profit organizations to assist with the project.

For some time now, the city of Green River has been experiencing a lack of housing for the citizens of the city. It is hard to find affordable places to buy or rent, which has become a problem for those currently in Green River and for those looking to move there.

With Moab becoming a hot destination for tourists, it has also become a problem for those living in Moab to find affordable housing and people are now looking to Green River to make up for the lack of available housing in Moab. Though Green River is struggling itself to provide housing options for its own, the city council members are taking action and working on a RFP to get the wheels rolling on the housing situation.

The city inherited 3.2 acres of land in which it plans on building homes to sell for low to moderate income families. But first, the city must find developers that are willing to help keep these homes affordable.

The target price for the homes is less than $200,000. There will also be restrictions on the homes, such as the homes are not to be bought and used for short-term rental properties, which is one of the reasons housing is hard to find. There are several homes that have recently been bought and converted into short-term rental properties by people that live out of state.

There has been no set date in which the proposal is to be submitted, but the council is looking to get it in as soon as possible.

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